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rhinestone Garments

Preferred method:
Wash item by hand inside out. Use warm, but not hot water. A very little amount of mild detergent. Do not soak the clothing in water for more than a few minutes. Do not twist or wring the garment. After you rinse it, transfer the rinsed item to the empty washing machine. Use the GENTLE CYCLE. SPIN ONLY setting. For heavy clothing such as jeans, you can spin out the garment twice. This removes the excess water without twisting or wringing the fabric which stresses the stones. Hang it to air dry. Do not hang outside if it’s hot. Direct sunlight and heat should be avoided.

After the item has dried, you may place it in the dryer on low for 5 minutes (no more) to fluff out the fabric so it doesn't have that stiff feel from air dry. For lightweight fabrics put inside of a pillowcase and fluff for 3-5 minutes. It’s best to iron t-shirts and tops but I'll explain that next.

Washing by hand is the only way to wash embellished lightweight tops or shirts. The washing machine is just too hard for the fabric and stones. For Some jeans, you can get away with washing using the gentle cycle or hand wash cycle.

Fixing lost stones:
If a stone is lost from an item. You will need to purchase fabric glue to fix the lost stones. If you have the stone that is lost from the garment, glue it back on. If you don't have the stone, then you are going to have to purchase some.

Keep in mind that crystal rhinestones are glass. They can break or crack. It’s best not to take off a jeweled top and toss it across the tile floor. The bigger the stone is, the more likely they are to break or be knocked off. the backside of jeans/joggers is a stress point So take care when sitting down. The hemline is not a stress point but the bum and thighs are.

All in all, to maintain the effect of the rhinestone transfers, much care should be taken. Using the above handwashing directions will help to keep your garment looking newer for a longer time.

PRINTED & EMbroidery

wash inside out, Wash at low temperature, do not iron onto prints. DO NOT PUT studs or leather barbed wire inside your washing machine. Studs or leather: Cold wash also refer to garment instructions.



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